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A LETTER TO AN ADVERTISER – a little old lady destroying the joint.

This is an email I sent to one of the companies with whom I’ve done business over the years, who advertise on Alan Jones’s programme. I was so outraged with Mr Jones’s comments that I felt compelled to do something, no matter how small and ultimately insignificant, other than just rail against the day.  I’m just an ageing lady #destroyingthejoint through the power of her wallet. It would be advisable for companies to remember that women control the vast majority of decisions when it comes to consumer spending, even the family car.

Dear Boys,


Last week Alan Jones directed a diatribe, which was misogynist. It has been publicized that you advertise with Mr Jones.

The great thing about living in a democracy is that you are permitted to advertise with whom you please. Another aspect of this freedom is that I can chose not to continue doing business with those companies who make that choice, and I have the freedom to publicly explain why.

I have supported your company for many years now, but will not do so in the foreseeable future while you continue to advertise with a shock-jock who maligns targeted groups within our community as he did last week. (see link below).

At some point a line in the sand must be drawn indicating that such comments are offensive, incendiary, divisive and unacceptable in a civilized society. That line was crossed last week.

For your information I have two bathrooms and fittings for a further three bathrooms to purchase in the next year.  I will look and purchase elsewhere.

Please give my very best wishes to all those members of staff who, over many years, have given me such brilliant and patient service.

If at anytime you no longer advertise with Mr Jones please contact me, and I shall be only too happy to not only resume shopping with you, but also happily publicise that fact through my blog and on twitter.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Evatt.

4th September 2012.  Alan Jones’s comments on women.


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I am a frustrated cook who is also a lover of all sport, politics, film, TV, theatre and a standard poodle with attitude called Toss.

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  1. Alan Jones is a lot of things that, if I said them, would probably land me some lovely defamation charges. Good on ya Jonesey!

  2. Excellently written commentary that you also put into action, you have my deepest respect. Long may you and people like you CiviliseTheJoint.

  3. One would have thought that after inciting the Cronulla race riots Alan Jones might have been in gaol rather than continuing to peddle his bigotry and misogyny on the radio. That anyone should continue to consider his views relevant and not just an outdated lot of old bollocks is beyond me. Hopefully letters such as this one will hit a nerve with his sponsors and we might see the end of his regime on the airwaves. Long may you continue to # destroythejoint Joan.

  4. We’ve had a bit of a twitfest on this so I won’t say too much, except that I would dearly love this initiative to succeed, because this man has way too much influence in the community for a person who is beholden only to his radio station and its shareholders. At the same time, you know I’m worried about the ability of people, not just women, to maintain the momentum. We’ve seen in elections that people easily lose touch with their morals when the hip pocket nerve is touched. If a sponsor offers a good deal on something a few weeks down the track, the equation changes.

    The biggest group of opponents to reason on such matters is that large group of devoted followers, many of them adoring women, who love it that Jones panders to their deep-seated and unworthy prejudices, and think he’s the best thing since Froot Loops. They don’t even see this comment as an egregious attack on the status of women, which it is.

    • You are right of course. Jones’s outburst is just one further example of how the clock is winding back for women in all areas, education, work-place, and, what is worse, the effect it is having on social policy. I never thought that I would have to re-fight some of the things we thought we had successfully fought and won over forty years ago. So it has come to a point where we have to buckle up.

  5. Well done. I totally agree’with your comment to Denis Wright also. It is sad that it has got to be done all over again. It is a great delight, however, to see how many very eloquent men support our view this time around!

  6. none of the sponsors that I emailed responded which was disappointing, I was especially agrieved that the Cochlear people didn’t respond …

  7. Jones is the most prominent hate-spruiker on that station, but if I were an advertiser I wouldn’t be seen dead associating my business name and reputation with 2GB.

    The bias, hostility and open political agenda of the mouthpieces on that station are unrelenting and offensive in the extreme. I will not give a cent of my custom to any company or service that advertises there. I actively go out of my way to support the rivals of companies and services that advertise on 2GB.

    On a related point, there is a petition going on Jones and the advertisers:

  8. Bravo. Well done.


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