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I love food, all sport, politics, the arts, gossip and a standard poodle with attitude called Toss.

When I first wrote this bio I was in a hurry so it became the glib one sentence you see before you, which I’ve decided to keep. For two years I’ve kept meaning to change it, expand on it and provide some commentary, but one of the things I loathe doing is bios. Changing my ‘about’ page became very easy to place last on my list of priorities.

When I started this blog I didn’t tweet. I do now and you can find me at @boeufblogginon and @MadamBoeuf. The first is the twitter handle where politics, gossip, sport, the law – all my interests are hung out to dry for public scrutiny. The latter twitter account is where I go to play with the word nerds, the writers and the poets who cook. It’s where I can have fun with a hashtag or two, the WOTD and a recipe or three, far away from the political dross of the day and not bore those in my main twitter stream with the endless RTs that occur when we play any one of the word games on offer.

I am now semi-retired. I expected to be fully retired but things happen along with the ennui.

I have returned to reporting usually on the occasional legal matter that pricks my interest. One of the reasons for doing this is, with the odd exception such as David Marr, the main stream media are no longer doing it at all, much less doing it well. I am now asked for a bio that is a little more detailed than the single sentence I wrote in haste and distaste. I hope I can refer them to this page so I don’t have to write another one.

I’ve worked as:
– a union official for Actors’ Equity (as it was known
then) now known as the ME&AA
– a journalist for Channel 7 News and 11am
– a journalist for ‘WILLESEE’
– a journalist for ‘OZ 80 and OZ 81’
– had my own TV Production & Post-Production company
VISUALEYES Productions for over twenty years
– producer, director and script-writer of documentaries and
training videos, winning awards from the ATOM
(Australian Teachers of Media) to New York and
Chicago Short film festivals
– teacher of media comms and journalism at TAFE for 10 years
until recently.
– Now I’m back to the future.

I’ve one university degree, one uncompleted law degree, one completed accountancy qualification (stopping short of getting the certificate so I can do your tax return) as well as teaching and training qualifications. I’m a member of the ME&AA.

I also have a life. It is full and funny. Unfortunately my standard poodle with attitude is no longer here to share it.

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  1. Toska – a very fitting tribute to a much loved member of the family.

    I love the salad recipe – I am a salad nut –


  2. Someone else who seems to love language as much as I do

  3. Luvsa your work and I loved Digby too.


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