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What do you mean you can’t make Irish Coffee – give me a break!



There is a plethora of Irish Coffee recipes in cyber space and I strongly suggest you get onto one in particular. There is a bloke called Jim Slaughter on the ineedcoffee site who claims he makes the best Irish Coffee in the world. My husband would agree. Jim Slaughter’s recipe differs from most other recipes.

He uses brown sugar, not white or coffee sugar crystals; decent Irish whiskey, not just any old whiskey, which he flames for a few seconds thereby altering the flavour, and the cream is not that stuff you get out of a can, but is heavy cream beaten to the same consistency as thick custard. He also adds white sugar to the cream.  You could think about alternatives such as vanilla extract or cinnamon sugar – the latter alternatives are my suggestions, which Mr Slaughter may find insupportable, however, they are yummy.

Pay him a visit – his link as is follows:

Enjoy. J

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